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5 Reason to Come to Family Week in Provincetown

5 Reason to Come to Family Week in Provincetown

Posted by Emily McGranachan,  guest blogger of Family Equality Council

Family Week in Provincetown is the largest annual gathering of LGBTQ parents and their children in the world. For over twenty years hundreds of families travel to Family Week for a magical week of beach campfires, family dances, workshops, and good ole’ queer family fun. Family Week 2016 is July 23rd – July 30th. Register online at

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  • Queer families, as far as the eye can see. Family Week in Provincetown had over 500 families in 2015. That means thousands of kids, parents, and grandparents ready to celebrate the beauty and diversity of LGBTQ families. On Friday we all march down Commercial Street, where we stretch out as far as you can see.
  • S’mores at the sunset. Families enjoy the natural wonders of the Cape throughout the week, but the highlight is the annual Beach Campfire Night at Herring Cove. Thousands of people stretch across the beach, enjoying campfire s’mores and the sunset. Last year there was even a proposal via airplane!
  • Learn something new. From daily workshops for both parents and youth to tidal pool exploration with the Center for Coastal Studies, there is always something to learn and new ways to grow. Parent workshops this year range from dealing with picky eaters to updates on the LGBTQ movement. Youth workshops for ages 7 – 18 are run by COLAGE staff and volunteers, all of whom also have LGBTQ parents!
  • Find community. Many LGBTQ families feel isolated in their towns and cities. Family Week brings together families from across the country and even the world. Regional gatherings allow families to make geographic connections. Events like the single parents gathering, moms’ gathering, dads’ gathering, and families with differently-abled members gathering all bring together different groups within our wider community. Activities like the morning meet up for parents and little ones under 4 years old, and COLAGE youth programming also bring together kids of similar ages as they build friendships and confidence.
  • Be inspired. Beautiful families celebrating and connecting together in a gorgeous Cape Cod town with a rich queer history – it doesn’t get better than this.

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Questions about Family Week? Contact Emily McGranachan, East Coast Regional Manager with Family Equality Council, at

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