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A Long Drive’s Journey Into P-Town

A Long Drive’s Journey Into P-Town

For the past twenty years LGBTQ families have made their way to Provincetown, MA for Family Week, the largest annual gathering of LGBTQ-headed families in the world. For those who travel via car, they know all too well that driving through the Cape to Provincetown can be beautiful and stress-inducing, depending on the level of traffic.

I made that drive with my own moms for many years to get to Family Week in P-Town. Now, as the East Coast Regional Managers with Family Equality Council and one of the primary planners of the week, I get to drive in a 15’ moving truck full of supplies. I am determined to make the drive out another fun piece of the magic that is Family Week.

For those braving the drive through Cape Cod, here are my favorite pit stops, markers, and general ways to make the drive go by faster.

Sagamore Bridge - Credit Riley Parker Morgan

Photo Credit: Riley Parker Morgan

  1. Cape Cod Bridges! – Since the 1960s, my family has the tradition of a fierce competition of who can first sight the bridge and shout, “CAPE COD BRIDGE”. As we get closer to the Sagamore Bridge or the Bourne Bridge, the car gets quiet and everyone’s eyes are straining to just above the tree line. The excitement builds and the bragging rights are precious – give it a try
  2. The Orleans Rotary – Oh the sweet victory of making it through the rotary near Orleans. It means Provincetown is getting closer, along with stop lights, gas stations, and ample places for a bathroom break.
  3. Beach Kitsch Store in Eastham – You know you are truly getting close when you pass two stores directly across the street from one another with endless blow up floats, animals, and pinwheels all the way from the roof to the parking lot. Want to enjoy your trip in a live-size floating sea turtle? This is your pit-stop.
  4. Pilgrim Monument – The rich history of European settlement of Cape Cod and Massachusetts began in Provincetown. The Pilgrim Monument towers above the town as a commemoration and perfect marker to tell you that you’ve finally made it. If looked at from the right angle, the top of the tower looks like the profile of Donald Duck. Check online for a close up or look for yourself. Be warned – once you see it, you can’t un-see it.
  5. Family Week Registration Pick Up – You’ve made it! To kick-off a week of community, celebrations, fun, and growth, join Family Equality Council and COLAGE at the Provincetown Inn to get your registration packets, play some games, and meet our community partners! Then get ready for a special week celebrating our LGBTQ families.

Pilgrim Monument

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